Electrical Water Saving Pedal

Water Saving Pedal


silver, black, white, beige
The innovative panel is designed to open water without using your hands, just by touching it with your foot.
It allows for the reduction of water consumption up to 40% It also ensures hygiene and increases comfort during work. Its distinguishing feature is its design and the possibility of personalisation by changing the colour of the silicone overlay. The intelligent tap fits the kitchen tap, catering tap and specialist tap with a pull-out faucet
  • Continuous mode
This mode allows for the operation without the continuous control of the panel with your foot. A single and short touch causes the water stream to be opened, and the closure of the flow takes place after the repeated touch of the panel with your foot.
  • Instantaneous mode
This mode requires the permanent contact of the foot with the device. The uninterrupted touch for 3 seconds and longer opens the water stream, while after the foot is removed from the panel, the water flow is closed.
  • Water supply auto stop
The device switches off automatically after ten minutes, if you leave it switched on in the fixed mode.  


  • 1 x pedal switch
  • 1 x control box
  • 2 x non-reverse valve
  • 1 x connect hose
  • 2 x screw
  • 2 x packing
  • 1 x adapter

Technical description

  • Pedal switch size: 270 mm x 60 mm x 12 mm
  • Control box size: 128 mm x 80 mm x 78 mm
  • Rated voltage: AC220V/60Hz, ‘AA size 4ea DC 6V
  • Power consumption: 2mA – ordinary time, 322mA – using

Hanseo Manual


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